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Customize Your Cake Design
We make your celebration special. Let's make it possible.
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Terms & Conditions


Cake Ordering

  • All prices are excluding delivery charges.
  • Slight modification will be made in case of shortage of fruits and ornaments.
  • Cake colour may have slight variations from actual cake due to possible discrepancies in photo or screen resolution
  • We reserve the rights to substitute, change, accept or reject any orders or cake designs.

Order Confirm

  • You will receive our confirmation email within 24 hours after order made. If not, please contact us by call or email

Cancellation of Order

  • Cancellation is strictly not allowed
  • Your order will be cancelled when
    • We are unable to get your confirmation
    • We do not receive payment or payment proof within 48 hours after order made.


  • Item sold are strictly non-exchangeable or returnable.

Change In Order

  • Any request of changes must be made 72 hours before collection date. We reserve the rights to accept or reject the particular changes request.

 Candle request

  • Please indicate the correct number of candles of big and small candles required.
(Note: We will provide maximum up to 9 big and 9 small candles only)

Writing on cake

  • Do note that due to space constraints on cake surface, length of wordings may not be accommodated. We reserve the rights to accept or reject any request of writing on the cake.

Deposit & Payments

  • All deposit and payments made are not refundable.

Delivery Time

  • After payment is completed, customers will receive their order after three days.
  • All deliveries will be made between 10am-7pm depending on the customers’ preferred time slot.

User Policy

  • Only the basic personal information such as Customer Name, Contact Details, Delivery Address, Billing Address and Email Address is required. We will not share or sell any personal information provided to us by our customers. All personal information collected will strictly be used to serve our customers better:
    - For Delivering of Online Orders
    - To inform and update the delivery process
    - Provision of more information and other online services on our website
    - Verify and proceed with any online financial transactions made on our website.
We reserve the rights to modify the User Policy as and when needed.
All changes will be made known on our website.
Should there be any enquiries, feel free to contact us for more information.

Desktop View:
Copyright © 2020 Robinna Bakery